About Houston Mind-Body Counseling

Houston Mind-Body Counseling is the private practice of Dr. Tom Rodriguez, an advanced-practice registered nurse (APRN) board certified as an adult psychiatric clinical nurse specialist and as an adult primary-healthcare nurse practitioner. Dr. Rodriguez is also certified as a clinical hypnotherapist by the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy. Dr. Rodriguez offers services in English and Spanish. The services of associated professionals are also offered but in English. El doctór Rodríguez ofréce sus servícios en Éspañol y Inglés. At Houston Mind-Body Counseling, our philosophy is that the mind and body do not operate separately, but rather inter-dependently. The mind affects the health of the body, and the body influences the health of the mind. At Houston Mind-Body Counseling we are ever-conscious of this interplay. Our mission is to provide our clients with exceptional stress-management services, psychiatric evaluation and diagnosis, pharmacotherapy and medication-management services, individual, group, family, marital, and art therapy. Services are offered in a high-quality yet cost-conscious manner. Most major insurance plans are accepted.