The Liberal Christian Blog at Houston Mind-Body Counseling

The Liberal Christian™ is an ecumenical blog authored by Dr. Tom Rodriguez. Our purpose statement is below. To participate, click on the blue link titled “COMMENTS” immediatley below the appropriate posting and fill in a screen name and your email address.


This Blog aims to create a supportive online community for individuals willing to engage in serious discussions about Christianity in an effort to obtain support and validation and sharpen their understanding of their spirituality.


Dr. Rodriguez serves as moderator, and anyone who is willing to provide a screen name and email address is welcome to join the discussion and suggest a topic. Although short essays may be posted, discussions are meant to be informal.


  • The nature of reality and how one ascertains it
  • The nature of truth
  • The roles of reason, tradition, scripture, and experience
  • Scientific methods and Christianity
  • Christian doctrines
  • Church history
  • The lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender lived experience
  • Abortion and the death penalty
  • Interfaith ministry
  • Antiscience movements and the politics of hate
  • Mental illness and faith…