It had been a while since I published anything here. Normally I would not publish something like this on this blog, but I don’t think we are living in normal times. This post is about the importance of voting in the midterm elections.

Why Your Vote is so Important

Friends we are losing our rights, right here in the Land-of-the-Free. MAGA Republicans are threatening to topple our government if they get back into power. Marginalized groups are being threatened with Nazi-like oppression and destruction. For example, transgender children are among the first targets of extremist’s hatred and legal oppression – right here in our great state of Texas. These kids don’t even feel safe while using the restroom!

The Threat of Authoritarianism

MAGA Republicans claim they act in the name of God; but what they seem to want is to establish White Supremacy, an Iranian-style Christian theocracy, and a fascist state where the wealthy control and ruthlessly exploit the working classes even more than they already do. Think about it, the world’s billionaires hold more wealth than the other 4.6 billion people combined! And it is not enough for them!

Rich in Wealth but Not in Ethics

Elon Musk just bought Twitter, a social media empire, for 44 billion dollars. For the last 6 years, I had been cultivating a Twitter site where I stood up for simple democratic principles. I had finally gotten 5000 followers; and then Musk came along, and my site was deleted.

Musk claims he wants to give ALL people a voice to speak their mind; but really, do we want to give people like Donald Trump – a disgraced former president, a con-man, a fraud, a liar, and a thief who attempted the only American coup in U.S. history – another platform from which to spread his Republican lies and divisiveness?

Yes, Elon Musk will make buying Twitter sound as if he’s promoting democracy itself, yet what Elon WILL do is to continue the disinformation and conspiracy theories perpetuated by Republicans and the Fox News channel. And of course, in the long-run, the world’s richest man will make himself even richer while the U.S. will become more divided and dysfunctional.

When Republicans Gain Power Again

Republicans have long set their eyes on your Social Security benefits and health insurance. Apparently, they don’t think you deserve to retire or receive affordable healthcare. They paint the Democrats as elitist while lying to the masses that they represent the common man and woman. They use their great wealth to spread these lies through a barrage of TV and radio advertisements. And the masses, so busy with work and daily survival and often poorly educated, believe the Republican lies and vote against their own best interests. For example, do you REALLY think that the Party-of-the-WEALTHY-and-Corporations is going to do ANYTHING good about inflation?

Early voting is in full swing. I pray you will get yourself and your loved ones out to the polls to VOTE – that is, while you still have the fundamental right to vote.