It Is The Season to be Thankful

We can go through life thinking that there is not much going right in our lives, or we can learn to develop a thankful attitude. To develop a thankful attitude, I try to thank God immediately after I notice anything good in my life. By doing this informally all through the day and every day, I’m able to avoid more lengthy prayers of thankfulness such as the one that follows.

A Thanksgiving Prayer

Father, thank you for giving me another day of life. You are so good to me that I cannot possibly thank you for everything; but since I have a little time right now, I’m going to try. Lord thank you for helping me to find a better way to manage my allergy symptoms. In fact, thank you that I can afford all the different medications and vitamins that I take every day to remain healthy. Thank you for my health. If I were living only 200 years ago, most of these medications and vitamins would not be available. Father, thank you that I live in the United States of America. We Americans enjoy countless blessings that some people do not. God, thank you for my freedom and civil rights. First of all, I am as free as I possibly can be. For example, I can move to a different house if I choose. I chose my profession. I chose to go into business for myself. By the way Lord, thank you for my practice, my patients, and my staff. As I said, you are so good to me. Thank you for my education Lord and the knowledge that you constantly make available to me. Father thank you for environmental protections which allow me to breath clean air. Thank you for making it illegal to smoke in public places. Thank you for feeding me and never allowing me to go hungry. Thank you for the sun, its light, and its warmth which you provide to us daily. Thank you for the beautiful places that I can go visit. We Americans are indeed blessed with a beautiful country “from sea to shinning sea!” Father thank you for our beautiful national parks. Thank you for animals – especially dogs. Thank you for the house I’m in the process of buying. Thank you that it is next door to my good friends. Father thank you for my brothers and sisters who are still living. Thank you for my relatives who have already passed from this life. Father thank you for all my friends. I am so blessed indeed. Lord thank you for all your gifts to me. They are so numerous. You give me clothing, furniture, electronics, cars, books, sheets, bedspreads, a fabulous mattress, artwork, and of course my Clarinova. Lord thank you for my church, the clergy, and my church friends. Father I especially thank you for giving your Son Jesus Christ to pay for all my transgressions – past, present, and future so that I may be made acceptable and sinless in your eyes. Lord thank you for sending your Holy Spirit to live inside me – talk about an awesome gift! Lord I could go on and on and on. Thank you for everything! I bless you Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.

Additional Benefits

Wow, it felt great to realize how blessed I truly am and the myriad things that are going right in my life. Another added benefit to saying thank you to God immediately for everything good that I notice in my life is that doing so makes me aware of God’s Presence in my life.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!



  1. Suzan Pauling

    Thank you for posting this. Father thank you for letting me drop my phone in the toilet so I had to look up the phone number on here. God always brings me to where I need to be. I really needed to read this and realize how much I do have to be grateful for!

  2. tominthecity

    Yes, isn’t it amazing how God works at times?

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